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Paintball Videos

Here is a list of all the paintball videos in the database. You can add your own paintball video by getting user name and filling out the form found in User Controls.

IDTitleRatingViewsSubmitted by
38tippmann 98 custom with RT9.172371novapunk
3998 custome sinper7.115337novapunk
1Redneck Paintball Showdown7.252079Rook
2Kid Gets Shot in the Head & Falls Over9.632202Rook
3D-day Re-creation in Argentina7.881934Rook
4Russian Tactical Paintball7.252044Rook
5How Durable is a Paintball Mask?62145Rook
6Woodsball Flank8.672015Rook
7Tippmann X7 Advertisement6.51928Rook
8Team Oregon Tactical Paintball7.332879Rook
9Paintball Minigun6.332447Rook
10Damage a Close Paintball Shot Can Do72265Rook
11Bad Speedball Strategy6.52375Rook
13Just more fools shooting eachother. These ones have funny accents!5.671922Rook
14Are you prepared to face the battle?71837Rook
15Paintball Gauntlet Run8.52709Rook
16It hurts, mom!6.672054Rook
17Blitz Tournament 20066.671776Rook
18"You shot me in my nads!"9.72044Rook
19Tippmann 98 Custom Response Trigger6.82367Rook
20Level 10 quick installation guide AGD paintball5.51808Rook
21Aces High7.51747Rook
22Quick Trigger61874Rook
23One Paintball Shot7.51957Rook
24Paintball Minigun3.772299Rook
25Ego7 24BPS 500balls81880Rook
26EGO7 Promomotion Swizterland71694Rook
27DM7 Semi81732Rook
28Various Paintball Markers91946Rook
29Millennium Series 06 Paintball Tournament Teaser81741Rook
30Paintball Potato Gun - Stupid Kids9.793089Rook
31Ego SL-74 Unlimited Ramp4.53411Rook
32Ego 7 at 24bps Demonstration4.51692Rook
3306 Ego on Semi Demonstration31700Rook
3405 Ego Demonstration3.51692Rook
35ETek Ego Demonstration61825Rook
36Tippmann 98 Custom Disassembly8.125401Rook
37How to Oil/Lube a Tippmann 98 Custom7.096331Rook